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End of summer farmers market salad

Summer is on its way out the door but my farmers market is still providing me with gorgeous produce for making a killer salad. Everywhere I look people are pumping out apple and pumpkin recipes. I am just not feeling it yet. I am still buying up all the tomatoes […]

My son, the garbage carrier

Great title, right? I bet you’re thinking I am winning at parenting. I am probably not, but oh well who really is?! Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t. No recipe today, just a story that is kind of funny and shareable. And my kids are constantly asking […]

More damn winter…

So I lied. That lasagna was not my last winter dish, because winter is never going to f’ing end here ever. First day of spring? What’s that? Cause it isn’t happening where I live. It was 17 degrees this morning when I woke up…17! On the first day of spring. […]