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Peanut butter krispy treats

On the sixth day of holiday baking, and while making peanut butter krispy treats, I like to imagine this scenario: The kids are standing around watching me, thinking I am making something just for them (which is what all five always think), they wait so impatiently for them to cool […]

Peanut butter cookies – sandwich style

Like you need another baker shoving holiday sweets recipes in your face…but here I am, doing just that. Twelve days of Christmas sweets is what I wanted to call it. Well, that is what I am still calling it on my end. But at some point the last few days […]

Chocolate peanut butter swirled brownies

It is Valentine’s Day and I didn’t get my husband anything. Yikes. Last year I had a love coupon book made and printed professionally for him. Wanna know how many he has used? Zero! All that means is I keep giving away favorite dinners, back rubs, foot rubs and date […]