Orzo pasta salad with lemon dressing and herbs

I have been holding on to this delicious orzo pasta salad with lemon dressing and herbs all summer and I have no idea why. Maybe because we eat it so damn fast I can’t snap pictures of it. It is the quintessential summer side dish, and you should definitely make […]

Peach lavender scones

These things…I don’t even know what to say. I guess I will start with, I had never made a scone before this one in my life. And honestly, I think I have eaten a scone maybe twice in my life. If given a choice I would always choose some other […]

Fresh corn fritters

Fresh corn is just about everywhere I look these days as we approach the end of summer and it is absolutely the sweetest and most delicious right now. While my kids enjoy corn on the cob, my husband is not so much a fan…he says it has zero nutritional value. […]