Cupcakes…I will miss you

So, Crumbs closed….and…crickets…because not a lot of people care anymore. I think one of the comments on the Chicago Tribune article about this said it best, “That’s still a place??” Yes, yes it is…errr…was. The era of fancy and overpriced cupcakes is over, I believe. Really it has been over […]

Summer pie

Well it took me, I don’t know, about two flipping weeks to finally figure this out (thank you support staff at WordPress), but I have the basics up and it doesn’t look too bad. I also finally figured out a follow me option at the bottom on the home page. […]

This…….is gonna be awesome

I am Kate…the baker. Welcome to my blog. I am a home-schooled, family-schooled baker/cook. I am also a mother of three (see picture of the kiddos), an ex wife who made some awesome mistakes that she will not make again, a writer (former journalist), and lastly but not leastly, a […]