Butterscotch blondies

Like a brownie, but better…butterscotch blondies are my seventh day gift. Are you as annoyed with this as I am? While it sounded unoriginal, it also sounded like a cute idea at the time, but seven days in and I am f’ing tired of counting days. Lesson learned for next […]

Peanut butter krispy treats

On the sixth day of holiday baking, and while making peanut butter krispy treats, I like to imagine this scenario: The kids are standing around watching me, thinking I am making something just for them (which is what all five always think), they wait so impatiently for them to cool […]

Eggnog hot chocolate

Eggnog hot chocolate sounds as amazing as it is. And while this isn’t technically a baking dish, it is a holiday sweet treat so it counts…the fifth day of holiday baking I give you eggnog hot chocolate. I adapted this recipe from my foodie friend and fantastic fellow Chicago blogger […]