Undefined Deliciousness

Eggnog hot chocolate

Eggnog hot chocolate sounds as amazing as it is. And while this isn’t technically a baking dish, it is a holiday sweet treat so it counts…the fifth day of holiday baking I give you eggnog hot chocolate. I adapted this recipe from my foodie friend and fantastic fellow Chicago blogger […]

Biscoff ice cream – thank you Britain

British and food don’t usually go together when someone is telling you about foods they love. They just don’t, at least not in America. But after some thought on this I have decided that it is just one giant misunderstanding on…naming. Whoever names(ed) British foods either did so on purpose […]

Cherry ice cream

I am recently obsessed with making ice cream. It is only the first week of June and I have made five kinds – and my kids probably will only want to eat two of them, so you know what that means… If you have access to an ice maker, but […]