Pies and Tarts

Peach blueberry pie

I love making pie. I mean, I really f’ing love it. If there was one thing I could do with my life other than have my family, it would be to make pie all day long. It is so simple and the end result is something that tastes like it […]


So I seriously suck at this…I just do.  I am so busy I barely ever have time to write. But that’s a good thing I think.  My family has grown in the past year, something that has made me beyond happy, and I am busy playing, travelling and cooking for […]

Summer break (and a pie)

So I took the whole summer off…why not. I had things to do, most of which involved eating rainbow cone (see the about me photo). I enjoyed my summer immensely, probably the most I have in years. A few trips, a few concerts, a graduation (the oldest is now in […]