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Sometimes you just can’t f’ing believe it

So this week my daughter turned 16…my nephew turned to me and said “why is 16 such a big deal…I mean it’s not like she’s moving away to college this year or anything.” I said to him “you’re right, I don’t really know why it is considered a big birthday” […]

Well hello you little new year, 2016, you…

It’s 2016 and if I were getting grades for blogging for 2015, I would get a giant F. I failed in this past year. It’s not for lack of cooking or baking though, it is simply because I was too busy making a life for myself to write so much. […]

That one time I ate my body weight in cheeseburger…

Sometimes I wish I had a fancy vocabulary. There are moments, like this one, where I would benefit from having some eloquent and vibrantly descriptive words in my unexpansive vocabulary. I could then adequately describe how fucking delicious the cheeseburger I ate this weekend was and how fucking awesome I […]